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Health examination packages for Overseas Compatriot Card holders offered in conjunction with Taiwan’s excellent medical institutions

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) and Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospitals and Clinic Association have recommended 106 medical institutions as Overseas Compatriot Card authorized medical institutions, the intention being to promote Taiwan’s high-quality medical care and provide health examinations to overseas compatriots and overseas-based Taiwanese business people on a self-paid basis. As the package offered by each medical institution differs, overseas compatriots interested in coming to Taiwan for a health exam can directly enquire at the contact window of each medical institution and a dedicated member of staff will then provide the best medical exam service according to your needs; making an appointment in advance is advised to avoid a long wait.


According to the MHW’s Taiwan Task Force for Medical Travel, Taiwan’s excellent medical services have been highly affirmed around the world. On the Economist’s year 2000 World Health Charts, Taiwan ranked second; in the IMD’s 2007 World Competitiveness Report, Taiwan’s medical and health infrastructure ranked 13th of 55 rated countries; in 2016’s The Richest, Taiwan was rated first for medical care. Taiwan’s medical achievements have achieved an outstanding international reputation and strong competitiveness, and Taiwan is in the top rank internationally for various medical techniques. Overall, the six big advantages of Taiwan medical care are: High quality, reasonable price (lower than in Europe, the US and Japan,) high-tech (equal to Europe and North America,) touching service, complete specialty services, and professional teams (Data source: Taiwan Medical Travel)


Overseas compatriots are welcome to return to Taiwan for first-rate health examination services. For more information, please see the List of Overseas Compatriot Card Authorized Medical Institutions.